"He wants to go home."


Above down under, Tom Blachford


Now voyager, Karezoid Michal Karcz
The approach. 
Somehow the Reverse-Scavenger Hunt last summer led to these gorgeous ladies being gifted bouquets of wildflowers and posing for the camera.  
Lower Course, Northern Spark 2013. It was a blast to work with electrical engineers!
Bread for the City's rooftop garden. Sad to leave that place, but happy to know I helped make it happen. 

Satoko had us sketching photos she took of NYC last spring, then I went out and visited and was delighted to accidentally stumble across the very space I had drawn. I came into the other (from background) but still recognized the details from my sketch. I was so excited. 

Island Station: Rivermark Station. March, 2011. Final Boards.

Dilettante-Tea. December 20, 2012.

Anna Bierbrauer and I attempted to set up our table to share tea with strangers in the skyways and sidewalks of Minneapolis, as part of our ongoing project with the KitchenLab and the Walker Art Center.

We lasted 20 and 5 minutes in each location, respectively, before we were given the boot (by very nice but uninterested security people) for not having an events, art or promotion permit. Nobody ever accepted our invitation and stopped for tea. 

Presentation Boards for Transition: Seattle. December 2012. Download the Project Narrative here

Aerial render, Transition: Seattle. December 2012. 

Perspectives from Transition: Seattle. December, 2012. 

Sample Site Model for Transition: Seattle. December 2012. 
Wireframe Concept Plan for Transition: Seattle site. December 2012.